Harvest Lip Balm

Harvest Lip Balm

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100% Natural – Vegetarian – Cruelty Free

Harvest has taken the best ingredients they could find in the region and mixed it with shea butter to create a luscious, smoothing balm that absorbs into your skin quickly. It's great when your hands need something more moisturizing, and the balm can also be used as a night cream.

Size: 80ml aluminium tin


  • Shea butter - unrefined, organically certified, fair trade certified by Ecocert
  • Olive oil - Canberra region, extra virgin, grown in Collector
  • Beeswax - rescued from wild hives that are relocated in Canberra
  • Sweet orange essential oil (only in the scented version) 

About Shea Butter

This product uses the unrefined (raw) version despite this because the refinement process uses high levels of heat and sometimes chemicals. This process actually removes a great deal of the bioactive ingredients (some say up to 75%).

Rescued Beeswax:

The beeswax in this product is very special. Sometimes wild beehives end up in the wrong places - like homes, utility boxes and businesses. This beeswax is rescued when these hives are moved to nature parks around Canberra. Otherwise, the wax and honey would be wasted if left behind.

About Olive Oil:

Ancient societies have been using olive oil on their skin for as long as anyone can remember, and today scientists and dermatologists understand why.

This product uses a single source, extra virgin (raw) olive oil because the refined versions are treated with heat and sometimes chemicals, impacting its natural benefits such as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. 

About Sweet Orange (Citrus Aurantium Dulcis) Essential Oil:

This oil is taken directly from the peel of oranges through a cold press process, preserving all of the great benefits. And it smells just as sweet as a freshly opened fruit. Orange smells have been found to reduce stress levels, boost mood and energy and even stimulate lymph fluids which may assist with relieving swollen tissue..

Free From:

Synthetic detergents, parabens, artificial preservatives, synthetic foaming agents, artificial thickeners, palm oil.